Pink Hijab Day

Pink Hijab Day -- Breast Cancer Awareness (click to enlarge)

I’ve been thinking for doing some post on things related to Breast Cancer Awareness. Sorry if my post is a bit late now. I saw someone post about Pink Hijab Day, being a Muslim this one is closer to me than any other campaign. Yes, I’m a Muslim. As quoted from movie My Name is Khan — ok I changed it a bit –, “My name is Nieve Thor. And I’m not a terrorist”. Ok let us forget about our races, religions, countries, continent or even skin colour for 1 minute and start focus on this; Breast Cancer.

I’ve known few people in my life who have breast cancer since I was a little girl. Known doesn’t mean I have a look first hand on the subject itself. Funny isn’t it when we campaigning about topic we don’t know. Few years ago,  2 of my sister’s friends were diagnose with breast cancer. It was easy for them, remove the tumour, went all the radiotherapy and chemotherapy, later their doctors said they have clean bill-of-health. Ok, those treatment are good enough for them but why people keep campaigning when the treatments are good enough to cure the cancer. Boy, how wrong I was.

Let me tell you a story about Ayu. We used to be in the same class during high school. 5 whole years together. We lived in the same dorm for couple of years (she was in a different dorm 3 years prior that). She was and still is the most happy-go-lucky person that I ever know. After high school we went separate ways as she got to different university.

I haven’t heard anything from her until last year. She managed to contact and add me in Facebook along with few other of ex-schoolmate. She is now married with 2 sons. After few months, around April 2009, she finally opened up to us that she has breast cancer for second time. She under go for second operation. She kept her spirit high. She still in her cheerful-self; blogging and fb whenever the time permits. Despite all that, I haven’t made a time to visit her yet.

Later in July, doctor said her cancer in Stage 4 because they found cancer cell appeared in her lungs. She went chemotherapy for 6 cycles….for it is a really long cycle because she finished before end of last year. Then she went for radiotherapy.

Later around April-May, she was admitted to the hospital again. At first they thought was H1N1 because she has breathing difficulty plus a lot of cases around town. Being cancer survivor, she would be on top those who at risk. Few days in ward with few more tests, the doctor found the cancer cell is now between her lungs and heart. Plus there were water in her lungs and heart. The doctor managed to drain out the water from her lungs and heart. They put her on chemo right away. She already done with her chemo. She moved to another town just a month ago due her husband’s work.

I managed to meet her at her home just after she was back from hospital in May. Gosh, there are so much love and support. Her two kids are so well-mannered. The youngest was 1-year plus (He was a baby when she found her first lump). She still have a huge smile on her face when she saw me. Her parents welcoming me like her own children. They help her in any way they can. Her husband is so supportive of her. She told me, she can only drink maximum 800ml of water a day because the water keep entering her lungs and heart.

We used to learned, for basic health we need to drink 8 glasses and she is used to that. Her antibody was still week. She able to tell with a warm smile on her face, when I feel like crying inside for her — I can’t cry in front of her because I know she does not want sympathy but love and support from people around her.

At this moment, as being told by her via Facebook, she is now resting at home after a week warded in the hospital due to fever and flu. The doctors drained out 200ml of water from her lungs and heart. Rest well my friend because I love to see out and about again. As for me and other who read, sometime the treatment we know might not the only right cure for Breast Cancer. There is some cases that we need to look beyond that.

I think we all women should support each others, no matter race, religion or traditions.
I also think that awareness and open mind is the solution to the bigger tragedies of our times.

Love yourselves, love your femininity

 monica Outlander

What I wear…

Skin : LAQ – Mima (Milky – 01)
Eyes : Umedama Holic – Rebirth Eyes (African Sunset
Tattoo Lashes : Miamai – LesMakeup Lashes (06)

Hijab : Miamai – Pink Hijab Day          (freebie)
Top : Zaara – La femme Turtleneck (Pink)
Skirt : Zaara – Trishna Print Skirt (Dust)
Shoes : Pixel Mode – Baby T’s (Pale Pink)

Bangles : Zaara – Ramya Bangles (Wood)

Pose : Striking Pose


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