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For those who in my plurk timeline, might have known I was having problem with L$. In summary, for those who use Paypal to buy L$ directly was having problem where the amount has been deducted from Paypal but it didn’t appear in SL. To cut story short, I had to cut off my shopping budget which resulted I’m wearing those outfit that I have bought but I don’t wear yet.

Well I found few hidden gems in my inventory. I found this dress while I’m doing some clean up on my short dress folder. Yup I kinda love love love short dress. I have more short dress than formal long dress. I also have tendency buying things on impulse. Impulse + love = lots of unused yet item. Boys and girls, that kind of habit need to be on control if you have very limited budget like I’m having this week. Ok back to this lovely dress. Yup the dress said pink when I bought it but it does not look pink but more purplish/dark fushia to me. What the heck but I still bought. I can’t remember why I bought it in the first place. *blush*

I also bought this jacket, earrings and necklace somewhere around last month….er was it two months ago just because of the sale or was it because I like them..hmm I need to check on that. I know I bought the earrings during Jewelry Fair 2010 because I really love them but the other 2..hmmmm…..somehow I don’t have any collection of memories when I bought them *blush*. I tried few boots that I have but this one appeal to me more for this dress. Hmm with hair and make up, I’m now ready to hit the club 😉

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I know I promise to have only 1 picture per post but I have to add 1 more just a close for the earrings and necklace to do some justice on why I love them. 🙂

What I wear…

Skin : LAQ – Mima (Milky – 09)
Hair : Boon – Tom245 (Chocolate)
Eyes : LAQ – Devoted Moondust Eyes 
Manicure :Pixel Mode – Sculpted Nails V2
Tattoo Makeup : Miamai – Les Makeup Eyeliner (03)
Tattoo Makeup : Miamai – Les Makeup Lashes (03)

Dress : grasp – Shirring One Piece Dress (LP Pink)
Jacket : Michami – Noomi Jacket (Camel)
Shoes : fri.day – Journey Boots (Duo Eggplant)

Necklace : The Closet – Feather Necklace
Earrings : Trident – Lunnitsa Earrings (Bronze)
Sunshade : Gos – Custom Sunglasses v3.0 Razor

Pose : Glitterati


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