My Rez Day with black and white

I totally forgot about my Rez Day until one of my friends wished me this morning. Yup it is my 3rd Rez Day. Wow how time flies. I was too busy to think about it when I have 2 gowns that I want to post in here.

Click to enlarge

Within this week, I bought 2 new skins; Aleida -Ingrid (on the left) and Vive9 – Danni(on the right). Sorry I just can’t resist them as much as I can’t resist to do 2 outfits in 1 post. As you can see on this picture above, here is my 2 new skin on me. Even with same shape, eyes and lashes, there is something different when I wear each of them. One thing is similar, I have them in light/pale tone. Nat commented the other day, after I bought Vive9’s skin, that I need to stop on buying the pale tone. Well Vive9’s is the palest I have so far, although I bought in Paste tone not Milky tone (the palest in Vive9 – Danni’s collection).

My yin and yang (Click to enlarge)

Speaking of gown I have these 2 lovely gowns which I adore. I called them my yin and yang. I forgot to tell you, I bought some new hairs too (Caution: this what happen if I’m having shopping moment in RL/SL..I keep buying stuff). One of them; without need any introduction is from Elikatira. What I like about Elikatira’s hair ever since the brand was  known as ETD, is their “Essentials Collection” because I can get the best shade of hair in one package. Quoting from Marianne Little in SLU forum “I just love the way she put together her hairpacks. Essentials for me! I, who is blond, sometimes brunette and occasionally redhaired, needs a pack that mix all that.” You don’t need to buy fatpack when you only wear just bunch from blonde, black, red, brown and occasionally white like me.

The other hair is from Head Mistress, a new store for me. They have quiet a range of hairstyle from long ponytail to the updo hair with a reasonable price of 150L for the whole pack. This is a sure winner to me because they give me 3 tones for red, blonde and brown, and of course the usual black and white. The unusual colour will be purple, blue, pink and grey.

My yin (on the left)…

Skin : Aleida – Ingrid (Light – Rouge Smokey)
Hair : Head Mistress – Lovely Lena (Red3)
Eyes : Umedama Holic – Seiryou (Moegi90
Tattoo Makeup : Miamai – Les Makeup Eyeliner (03)
Lashes : Miamai – No Alpha Lashes (N18)

Dress : Paper Couture – Crossroads Gown
Shoes : G Field – Ribbon Slingback Shoes (Cream)

Necklace & Earrings Set : Caroline’s Jewelry – Carlotta Set (Diamond)
Ring : Paper Couture – Water Over Wine Ring 

My yang (on the right)…

Skin : Vive9 – Danni (Paste – Maron)
Hair : Elikatira – Away (Blonde 2)
Eyes : Umedama Holic – Seiryou (Moegi90
Tattoo Makeup : Miamai – Les Makeup Eyeliner (03)
Lashes : Miamai – No Alpha Lashes (N18)

Outfit : Aleida – Melanie Couture Gown (Black)
Shoes : Slink – Sydney II Stilettos (Black)

Necklace & Earrings set : Kunglers Extra – Ipomoea (Golden)
Tiara : Donna Flora – Candy Tiara
Ring : Paper Couture – Water Over Wine Ring

P/S: You can check my Flickr if you want to see the gowns in separate pictures.

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