Thank you :)

First of all I want to thank Natasja for sending this outfit to me. She knows I’m really sucker when it comes to short dress. I was on IM with her the 2 nights ago, and she asked me about what colour do I like. I just said between blue and red, I choose blue. Few second later, I got this beautiful dress from her. Well she didn’t make it but I love it because the thought of her giving me as belated rezz day present. Thanks sis *hugs* I intended to post in the blog the next morning but I was so busy with my RL stuff.

Heart the dress so much

Second thing, yay I found things that have my name in it ūüėÄ Yup this hair is called “Nieve” from Tukinowaguma. I was wearing this hair when I received the dress. It sort came together . The only thing I changed (prior to the outfit I wore before I got the dress were the outfit and shoes. Luckily I didn’t wear any accessories (less thing to change). I already have hairstyle that look something similar to this but I bought this one just because of the name ūüėÄ . Sorry I just could not resist. The stoking comes together with this lovely dress too.

Nieve & Nieve ūüėČ

What I wear…

Skin :¬†LAQ¬†–¬†Tasha2 (Milky¬†– 02)
Hair :¬†Tukinowaguma¬†–¬†Nieve
Eyes :¬†Umedama Holic¬†–¬†Frozen Eyes (Blue Poppy)
Prim Lashes : [glow] Studio¬†–¬†Innocent eyelashes¬†(Pure)
Tattoo¬†Eyeliner :¬†Miamai¬†–¬†Les Makeup¬†Eyeline¬†(02)
Manicure : Love Soul – Red

Outfit¬†:¬†Bliss Couture¬†‚Äď Shane Dress¬†(Marine)
Shoes¬†:¬†Slink ‚ÄstSydney Stiletto¬†(Black)

Necklace¬†:¬†Je Suis¬†‚Äď Une Princesse Necklace


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