Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Baby, it's cold outside (Click to enlarge)

First of all, to everyone who celebrate Christmas, I want to wish Merry Christmas to you 🙂 For the rest, I want to wish Happy Holiday.

I did this photo last week but I don’t want to post it yet until Christmas day. It started out of me demo this skin from Glance. I try to enter their photo contest where one of the rule is not to photoshop the picture at all. I took it as challenge. Once I got the perfect make up I really want, I tried to look to my inventory to find something. At first I want to wear bikini and tp to the beach but lates I found this vest that I bought for quite sometime but I have not worn it yet (my impulsive buying skill has started to emerge again..yikes.) . I made jokes to Nat, saying I would wear this vest while standing in the snow with the caption “Baby, it’s cold outside” 😉

Glance Skin - Isabeli Pale

Well here is the skin on close up without any photoshop at all. I just use windlight setting and “The Quiet: Further Away and Further Apart” place built by AM Radio as my background. I like the skin but the only problem, the brow is only in black. I’m not complaining (much) but sometime I do like to be blonde or redhead too.

Skin : Glance – Isabeli Pale (11)
Hair : Elikatira – Rush (Black 04)
Lashes : Mayden Couture – Eyelashes V2 5
Eyes : Umedama Holic – Rebirth (African Sunset)
Manicure : J’s – Pink

Vest : Vive9 – Dear Rabbit Vest (White)
Pants : Zaara – Ishaya Velour Slacks (White)
Boots : Sweetest Goodbye – Oh! Boots (White)

Earrings & Bracelet : [glow] Studio – Studio KOS (Silver)

Location : IDIA Laboratories
Windlight : *Starley* Setting 2


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