Just wanna have fun :D

I just wanna have fun (Click to see the original picture, I've cropped this one)

I don’t care what people say, today I just want to have fun and be cute 😀 I mean superlicious cute that you might sick of me (in my own way, if you’re not..yay me for not getting people sick). Since I’m trying my best not to shop — after a series of serious shopping — I want to wear and blog at least 80% – 90% those that I have bought so far. It started with this lovely bushy curly hair which I got since the Accessories Fair from SyDS but since the issue I faced somewhere in March-April, I keep forgetting about the hair until recently *blush*. Then I tried with this high-waist mini skirt from Myth. There is nothing better for me to be cute than wearing pink 😀 I have cute Candy from Lara Skin with this pink gloss make up plus this off shoulder blouse from G Field which I love a lot. Please take note, I have several of them (the blouse). So you might see the repetition of the same blouse in different colours or fabric. 😉

D-Lab, 6pi sim (Click to enlarge)

Once I’m dolled up, I want to go somewhere fun that speak “I’m kid at heart” kind of fun 😀 So I’ve browsed all over the plurk, fashion feed and even flickr until I found a picture of D-Lab sim. Yay *jumping up and down*. Once I’ve landed, I found this donkey see-saw just not far from the landing. Double yay. It was fun. After the see-saw, I walked around the sim. You can see the whole sim is bright and colourful; appeal for kids or adult who just want to have fun.

The milk cart behind me (Click to see the original pic as I've cropped this one)

I found a store there with this cute buggy milk-cart. I want to ride it but it said I’m not the owner 😦  Ok bye-bye for now. right now I want to stay home and sort my stuff and see what I can find in there 😉

What I wear…

Skin : Lara Skin – Candy (pink gloss – pale)
Hair : SyDS! – Ecce Homo/Enchant (Choco)
Tattoo Lashes : Mozz – Lashes (01)
Eyes : Umedama Holic – Frozen Eyes (Blue Poppy)
Manicure : Love Soul – Nail Color (Red)

Top : G Field – Off-Shoulder Chiffon (Plain/Pink)
Skirt : Myth – HighRise Jean Skirt (Black)
Shoes : Maitreya – Esprit (Black)

Necklace : Zaara – Balini Necklace (Multi Amber)
Bangles : YS & YS – Simple Gloss Bangles (Corals)

Pose : Lotta

Location : D-Lap, 6-i

P/S: I don’t any photoshop except cropped them and add my name on it.


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