Fun+Party+Club = Erratic

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Few days ago, I received few folders from Erratic Rain. She just launched her own clothing line called Erratic. I totally love them. She said her line is for clubwear. As for me, it can be dress up or down anyway you want. I want to blog it A.S.A.P but SL has mind of its own ūüė¶ I don’t want to say much, lets the photo do the talking this time *trying to put sort of voice on photo* but once advice I can tell is go tp to Erratic now. *I’m already aiming for her cute tops*

Sorry I'm late... (Click to enlarge)
Skating around town (Click to enlarge)

Look 1:

Skin :¬†Aleida¬†‚ÄstIngrid¬†(Light¬†‚Äď Rouge)
Hair :¬†Truth¬†‚ÄstEvie¬†(Platinum)
Tattoo¬†Eyeliner :¬†Miamai¬†‚Äď LesMakeups Eyeliner (02)
Lashes : Miamai – NoAlpha Lashes (N18)
Eyes :¬†Ibanez¬†‚ÄstTranquil¬†Eyes¬†(Frond)
Manicure :¬†Love Soul¬†‚ÄstNail Color¬†(Red)

Dress¬†:¬†Erratic¬†‚ÄstJenna Short Dress¬†(Brown-Gold)
Leggings¬†:¬†Erratic ‚ÄstFishnet Thin (Black)¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† (it comes with full length & 3/4)
Boots¬†:¬†J’s ‚ÄstAnkle Boots Round¬†(Red Brown)

Necklace & Earrings:¬†Mandala ‚ÄstSinra (Venus Gold)

Look 2:

Skin :¬†LAQ¬†‚ÄstMima¬†(Milky¬†‚Äď 08)
Hair :¬†Truth¬†‚ÄstQuinn Streaked¬†(Espresso)
Tattoo Lashes :¬†Miamai¬†‚Äď LesMakeups Lashes (01)
Eyes :¬†Insufferable Dastard¬†‚ÄstPhotogenic Eyes¬†(Midday)
Manicure :¬†Pixel Mode¬†‚ÄstSculpted¬†Nail V2 Platinum Edition¬†(Gloss)

Top¬†:¬†Erratic¬†‚ÄstHailey Sequin Longtop¬†(Red)¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† (it comes with gold and silver sequin)
Pants¬†:¬†Erratic ‚ÄstNikki Sequin Hotpants¬†(Black)
Leggings¬†:¬†Erratic ‚ÄstFishnet Wide¬†(Bronze)
Socks¬†:¬†Naive ‚ÄstShort Socks¬†(Black)
Shoes :¬†Pixel Mode¬†‚ÄstRoxy Roller

Earrings¬†:¬†Artilleri ‚ÄstGlitter Love¬†(Pinks)
Bangles¬†:¬†YS & YS¬†‚ÄstSimple¬†Gloss Bangles¬†(Rosa)

Erratic’s Information:

Designer : Erratic Rain



2 thoughts on “Fun+Party+Club = Erratic

    1. Starri: thanks for the comment *hugs* Well are you sure 10 years ago was it 10 minutes ago ūüėČ I know you can carry the style well even now. You always look great & beautiful to me *hugs*

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