The red east meets the blue ocean and the brown earth

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11.03.11, nice number if you are using British Date format, but it was not a nice day for people in Japan, as they being strike by double disaster; earthquake and tsunami. My condolense to them. Some people still have hatred against Japanese due to what they did during 2nd World War. For me, the past is past, because those people who went to the war is either too old or no longer alive. Do you want to punish the innocent life because mistake done in the past by other people. I’m amazed with people in SL, less than 12 hours of the disaster, people has started IM, blogging and plurking; asking how they can help.

As for my styling, it started with this red shirt from Aoharu, a charity item they have created for Japan where 100% of the sale will go to Donation Linden. The color remind me the red in Japan’s flag.  Instead wearing black pants/jeans like I always do in the past, I’m thinking something blue; it reminds me of the ocean. Yup 11.03.11 it the day the Land of Rising Sun (red) being hit by earthquake (brown) and tsunami (blue).

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What I wear…

Skin : LAQ – Mima (01 – milky)
Hair : Tiny Bird – Kissy Kissy (Sandy Blonde)
Tattoo Eyelashes : Miamai – LesMakeup Lashes (14)
Eyes : Curio – Tragic Eyes (Ice Blue)
Manicure : Love Soul – Nail (Red)

Inner tube : Kyoot – Pretty White Dress    (part of)
Shirt : Aoharu – Thank You Pray For Japan (Red)
Pants : Zaara – Jeans (Classic)
Boots : Slink – Whitney (Chocolate)

Necklace : Sigma – Opus Necklace (Rose Sky)
Bracelet : Sigma – Boho Bangles (Blue Brass)
Sunglasses : Role Optic – Socialite I

Pose : Glitterati

P/S: I don’t do any photo retouching beside resize and crop the photo.


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