Buckle Up

Strapping myself up (Click to enlarge)

Buckle Up by Lawrence S. Pertillar

You selected me as your newly discovered bait?
I could not wait for a fool like you.
You appeared the moment your ignorance,
Put you in that gear.
And I am so glad you are here!
You ready?
Buckle up!
I am prepared to take you on a ride,
You will never forget.
Not in ‘this’ lifetime.
You have no idea…
Your mind is the kind I love to diffuse!
Should we pick up those of your friends,
Who hitchhike?

Do you see the sweetness or the darkness in my eyes

Well the above is not a song but a poem I found from a website. I was busy in RL and SL dealing with few things such as family, friends, feelings and emotion. Life is a journey sometime you going to get on a bumpy ride. As for my styling, who said you needs to buy new things for fashion. Some old things are still good, but you need have a sense on how to mix-n-match it to make it feel brand new ūüėČ

Buckle up (Click to enlarge)

What I wear…

Skin :¬†LAQ¬†–¬†Mima¬†(08¬†– milky)
Hair :¬†Boon¬†–¬†PKJ371¬†(Blonde)
Eyelashes : Miamai ‚ÄstNoAlpha¬†Lashes (18)
Eyes :¬†Curio¬†–¬†Tragic¬†Eyes¬†(Ice Blue)
Manicure :¬†Pixel Mode¬†–¬†Platinum Edition V2

Jacket¬†:¬†Kyoot¬†–¬†Straight Jacket Surrealist
Dress¬†:¬†League ‚ÄstBella Desastre Outfit¬†(Black)
Stockings¬†:¬†Erratic ‚ÄstFishnet Wide¬†(Bronze)
Boots¬†:¬†Slink ‚Äď Whitney (Black)

Bracelet :¬†Mandala ‚Äst7Luck Bracelet

Pose : Agapee

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