Front Row Exclusive – 2 – Ear Candy, Lolapop, Son!a, and Bent

Bent - Radar that sees (Click to enlarge)

Hiya. It’s me again with second post for Glance Front Row event. I’m sorry because it took me awhile to make another post in here although I want to do it sooner than this. After few sim restart all these years, my loyal posestand finally broke down after I’ve used it for more more than 1 year. 😦 Well that is life in SL.

Bent - Find the thread (Click to enlarge)

For this post, I’ve chose lovely shortdress called Juma mini dress from Son!a; designed by Sonia28 Jie. This dress comes in lovely pink and lavender. The pink dress represents Breast Cancer Awareness, and lavender dress represents General Cancer Awareness. For those who know me, I really love mini or short dress. So I’m all yay for the dress. 😀

Lolapop - Macaria Set (Click to enlarge)

Some people might think it is bad to review 2 differents brands in one post; let alone 4, but I couldn’t help it *blush*. For first look, I choose this lovely purple & pink jewelry called Macaria sets from Lolapop; designed by Lola79 Hienrichs. This jewelry compliment the pink dress so well. Oh I choose blonde for this pink dress because it was my niece birthday when I create this look, and she loves Barbie.

Ear Candy - Totally Stoned in Silver (Click to enlarge)

As for my second look, I choose this lovely jewelry from Ear Candy, called Totally Stoned. Ear Candy jewelry is designed by Maeve Mortlock, which comes in 2 set; gold and silver. This type of jewelry is something I like to wear in RL. May be it just me, when it comes to lavender, I go partially toward silver rather than gold.

By the way, all this lovely pose is from Bent.

Look 1 :

Skin : LAQ – Linnea (Milky – 10
Hair : Boon – AEN105 (Blonde)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Eclipse)
Tattoo Lashes : Miamai – LesMakeup Lashes (14)
Nail : Love Soul – Glitter Pink

Dress : Son!a – Juma mini dress pink
Shoes : G Field – Flower Pump Eve (White)

Earrings + Necklace : Lolapop – Macaria set

Pose (Pic 1) : Bent – Radar the sees
Pose (Pic 3) : Bent – Millions of thumbprints

Look 2 :

Skin : LAQ – Linnea (Milky – 01
Hair : Boon – SIP082 (Black)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Eclipse)
Tattoo Lashes : Mozz – Lashes (09)
Nail : Candy Nail – #000 Basic Nail (Smoky Purple)

Dress : Son!a – Juma mini dress lavender
Shoes : G Field – Ribbon Slingback (Lavender)

Earrings + Necklace + Bangles : Ear Candy – Totally Stoned in Silver

Pose (Pic 2) : Bent – Find the thread
Pose (Pic 4) : Bent – Land of my dreams


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