Front Row Exclusive – 3 – Finesmith

Devine Spirit White Feathers (Click to enlarge)

Sorry guys, I don’t like to break away from posting about Glance Front Row exclusive item. Beside all of this item is for good cause. 🙂 Today I want to wear jewelry from Finesmith Jewelry Design. I have to admit, their jewelry always make me feel, look different than my usual casual or formal look. The jewelry always make fashion statement without I need to say more. Yula Finesmith; the designer behind Finesmith Jewelry Design, has created two jewelry but I only use one for this post.

Excursions into the limbo (Click to enlarge)

Oh, by the way, as for pose, I still use pose from Bent.

Skin : LAQ – Linnea (Milky – 02)
Hair : Boon – TOM245 (Black)
Eyes : Umedama Holic – Tsuya Eyes (Grayish Green)
Tattoo Eyeliner : Miamai – LesMakeup Eyeliner (02)
Eyelashes : [glow] Studio – Bohemia (Raindrop)

Outfit : Kyoot – Plain White Bodysuit     (part of When Dandelions Die set from Designer United 19 event)

Jewelry : Finesmith Jewelry Design – Devine Spirit White Feathers

Pose : Bent – Excursions into the limbo

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