Lets paint with brown and floral

I’m from country that has summer all year round so I don’t feel any difference but for others that has 4 seasons will notice that summer is here. Spring/Summer fashion is always about floral print, bright or pastel colour, and casual. Sorry to those who read this blog, I’m breaking the Spring/Summer fashion tradition; I’m wearing formal dress and it is brown….muhaha *doing evil laugh* but I still keep the floral print.

Azul - Linda Culture Shock 2011 (Click to enlarge)

I went to Culture Shock sim event the other day, and got myself this dress and hair..yay. It’s shocking to me for finding this lovely floral-printed long gown from Azul called Linda. No offence, it just I seldom see floral-printed formal dress in SL and especially from Azul. I love the dress. One of my guy-friends told me that the dress is teasing him due to the really low back. Well for me it depends on what make you consider as teasing. Everyone has their opinion on the dress. For me it still sexy and classy, but not slutty. So this dress is shocking in a good way. To all the guys out there, I think you should give this dress to your girlfriend or wife as present (especially if she is the mother to your child since Mother’s Day is coming soon 😉 ) because the outfit is transferable…and then you can stare at their back as long as you want..so stop stare at my back :p hehehe. By the way, eventhough the dress is long but it has script to resize the skirt. Anyway I froze the skirt movement as I snapped this picture and keep the skrit long.

Sexy, classy but it won't be slutty. (Click to enlarge)

As for hair, I’m wearing new hair from Exile called Liv which release especially for the event. I just feel like to add this rose from Artilleri just to add some floral touch on my hair. For the accessories, Nat suggested me to wear simple pearl. I’m now all doll up, all I want right now is a date for dance in a ballroom (p/s: I went to fashion show wearing this dress)

What I wear…

Skin : Glam Affair – Sakura (Natural 02)           *(from PCF)
Hair : Exile – Liv (Dusk)                 *(from Culture Shock 2011)
Eyelashes : Miamai – NoAlpha Lashes (N10)
Eyes : Curio – Tragic Eyes (Ice Blue)
Manicure : Candy Nail – Basic Nail (Cocoa)

Dress : Azul – Linda / Culture Shock 2011               *(from Culture Shock 2011)
Shoes : Slink – Sydney Stilletto (Champagne)

Earrings & Necklace : Caroline’s – Athena Pearls (White)
Flower : Artilleri – Rose (White)

Location : Forgotten City


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