May Massacre

The cut (click to enlarge)

I woke up feeling hurt every inch of my body. I didn’t know where I was and how I got here. I could see there was a lot of blood splatter and cuts on my body. Was the blood all mine? May be, or may be not. I didn’t have the equipment to determine whose blood. In time like this, there was much bigger thing I needed to worry about because from the cut I have so far, they might want to finish me off.

Shielding me from light (Click to enlarge)

I managed to find glass windows around the place which I used as my mirror. I found few cuts on my face but 2 of them was neatly sew. I wondered who help me to that but why they (hmm may be it was the act of one person) managed to heal my face not other parts of my body. Did they die or run away or may be they were non-human at all? Too many question but I didn’t have any answer. Hmmm.

What I wear…

Skin : LAQ – Mima (Milky – 10)
Hair : Vanity Hair – Kaos (Noir)
Eyelashes : Mozz – Lashes (01)
Eyes : Curio – Tragic Eyes (Ice Blue)
Face Injury : Randomocity – Stitches Crime Scene (Stitches Head)
Hands & Body Injury : Randomocity – Wounds Tattoo Less Bloody V2
Bandage on around hand : Randomocity – Boxing Tape (White – Bloody)
Blood on legs : Randomocity – Gunshot Crime Scene (Gunshot Wound Legs)

Top : Randomocity – Apocalypse Dress (Bloody Torn –  White   *part off
Bra : Blacklace – Diva (White)
Pants : Randomocity – Pinstripe Women’s (Torn)
Belt : Coco – Wrap Skinny Belt (Silver)
Shoes : Miel – Far Boots (Polar Edition)

Necklace : Trident – Brigid Necklace
Earrings : Trident – Hefring Earrings
Mouth Piercing : Je Suis – Perce Mouth

Poses : aDORKable (Pic 1) & Frooti (Pic 2)                *(from Posers Unite for PCF)
Location : Virtual Decay

A/N: The title suggested by Haakon since I was lack of idea on what title I need to give for this photo. The story just something hit my mind. I have to apologize on the storyline, because it was some plot bunny hit my mind based on the pictures I took and title given. If you think I should write the continuity of this post, please let me know via plurk, flickr or here.


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