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Peqe + L.Fauna

Hmm what’s new with me? Well I got myself new skin and new dress. Gosh I need to stop shopping for at least a week or two because I have so many unsorted folders *blush*. As in RL, well at least the pain on my legs and back have now subside. I think I was totally tired from my previous vacation. First of all, I won’t do any touch-up with photoshop for the above photo, just back to basic; windlight, snap and crop, because I want to show you the new lovely skin I got from L.Fauna called LEA. The skin comes in 3 tones; Pale, Tan and Dark, few cup sizes and tattoo make up.

4 of us (Click to enlarge)

Yesterday, after my recent shopping trip with Nat (Natasja Schumann), she said to me, “We can take pic of the peqe (dress)”. You take 😀 ” Well my photo taking talent is not as good as her (sis..if you’re reading this, your talent is really good). Beside she had taught me a lot. But I don’t mind to take the picture with her plus it wasn’t my first time taking picture with her 🙂 Well I agreed but in one condition I would not take in a studio because I didn’t like to think for which background to choose from since I was a bit tired from some family function in RL. After search high and low, finally I found the place which perfect for the dresses and both of us. At first Hak (Haakon Schumann) joined in and followed by Hik (Hikaru Enimo). Yay finally after for months we talked about taking picture together with 4 of us, it was finally happened. So here is the result. 😀

Please don’t kill me because I don’t know the detail style card from the other 3 people; Nat, Hak & Hik. What I wear…

Skin : L.Fauna – Lea (T1)
Hair : [e] – Me (Brown 04)
Eyelashes : Miamai – LesMakeup Lashes (02)
Eyes : Umedama Holic – Rebirth Eyes (African Sunset)
Manicure : Rezlpsa Loc – Lemondrop Nails

Dress : Peqe – Flowery Summer Dress (Lime)      (from Ch1c Birthday Event)
Shoes : G. Field – Ribbon Slingback Shoes (Lime)

Necklace: [glow] Studio – How Can I Enter?
Bracelet : Mezzo – Double Bangle Rameacryl (Green)      *not available in SL anymore

What Nat’s wearing…

Dress : Peqe – Flowery Summer Dress (Scarlet)         (from Ch1c Birthday Event)
Hair : Exile – Voodoo                (from Ch1c Birthday Event)

Location : Colonial Shopping District, Old Costa Rica


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