What did I buy?

Discord Design - Lilith

Hair Fair 2011 just ended last Friday, most of us either going broke or almost broke after we buy whatever hairs that caught our fancy eyes. This is what I like best about SL, we can change our hair colour and style with a click of our mouse without thinking the any damage that can bring to our health (well except our Linden purse of course), plus the money goes to good cause.

Exile - Lady Versailles

Today I want to show 2 hairstyles I bought during Hair Fair; Discord Design – Lilith and Exile – Lady Versailles. Both styles are different but yet similar. For instant, both hairs are tied in like half-way updo/ponytail/braid.

Sitting in the corner

Style 1

Skin : Belleza – Aiko (Pale – 10)
Hair : Discord Design – Lilith (Milk Chocolate)
Eyelashes : Maiden Couture – Eyelashes V1 (09)
Eyes : ID – Photogenic Eyes (Midday)
Eyeshadow: cheLLe – GlamPuss (Black)
Manicure : Love Soul – Dark Color (Red)

Outfit : League – Bella Desastre Outfit (Black)
Boots : GOS – Curvaceous Boots

Piercing : je suis – Perce Ear
Arms Tattoo : not available in SL because it was given as personal gift from Nuuna

Sexy meets old world

Style 2

Skin : Glam Affair – Sakura (01)
Hair : Exile – Lady Versailles (Sunset)
Eyelashes : Mozz – Lashes (01)
Eyes : ID – Photogenic Eyes (Midday)

Lingerie Set : Blacklace – Jewel (Midnight Blue Satin)
Shoes : G Field – Flower Pumps Eve (Black)

Earrings : bellballs – Dangling Disc Earrings (Pearl)
Bracelet : ICoN – SW Bangle (Silver)


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