Looking Retro With Shiki

I'm a Motomachi Girl ūüėČ (Click to enlarge)

Well I can’t resist to do a retro look when I wear this dress. With the right hair, accessories and shoes, this latest dress from Shiki makes me look like someone in 60s era. I kinda like it. Beside fashion should be timeless ūüėČ

Hmm he doesn't show up for our date (Click to enlarge)

Shiki has named all of their latest design based on places in Japan. For example, this dress that I’m wearing is named after a popular shopping district both exist in Yokohama and Kobe. This place is well know with cosmopolitan atmosphere, fashion and Western influence. This dress gives a good reflection of those places; fashionable, and¬†a little bit Asian with Western style.

What I wear…

Skin :¬†Belleza¬†–¬†Aiko¬†(Pale¬†– 2)
Hair :¬†Plume¬†–¬†Broadway¬†(Soil)
Eyes :¬†Umedama Holic¬†–¬†Frozen Eyes (Blue Poppy)

Dress¬†:¬†Shiki¬†–¬†Motomachi Girl¬†(Purple Rain)
Shoes¬†:¬†[e]¬†–¬†Move Pumps (Pearl)

Earring¬†:¬†[glow] Studio¬†‚ÄstPearl Drop Earrings¬†(White)
Bracelet : Pearls & Lace Jewellery Set (Natural Ivory)              (part of set)
Glasses : Artilleri – Paula Glasses (White)

Furniture used in second pic : LISP – FLF Acorn Set 1 & 2


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