My 4th Rezz Day (11.11.11)

I'm still in SL (Click to enlarge)

OMG it is my 4th rezz day. I feel old. Just kidding. I feel I have seen a lot but I still haven’t done a lot. I have few dreams came true; being ModelFEST, participate in Miss Costa Rica Sims, winning stylist of the month in LeLook….omg i still have a lot more to in SL  but I let them secret for now. 😉 From mere shy av who didn’t have any friends when I first came in SL, now I have a lot. Few of them a really dear to me. Thank you to all my friends who love and accept me as who I am; with my fault and strength.

I started sl just as observer, watching people from far, and progress as camper and avid Zyngo player. Later I moved as Slingo host and now, I am model and blogger. I meet many people along the way some are worth to keep and some, well they make me stronger than before. This is my personal thank you to you.

Dear love, are you still out there? (Click to enlarge)

To Patty, thank you for picking me out and help me when I first start to venture in this modeling world. You have taught me a lot more than you ever know. To Aldina & Kaera, thank you for be my first Malaysian friends in SL. Our friendship has grown more than just SL. I miss our time together. To Joselita, thank you for giving me wings to fly, be patient and understand my fear *hugs*. To Baby Rubble, I miss spending time talking silly things, exploring sl and sometime just dancing silly..huggles.. To Natasja and Hikaru, my sis & bro…love both of you ..too many words to say to you…hugs. To my extended family; Haakon, Kalli, Luna & Zach…love you guys. Linnda…my best shopping partner ever. To everyone else thank you for reading this little blog. ❤

What I wear…

Skin : Glam Affair – Sakura (TDR 27)
Hair : Plume – Broadway (Soil)
Eyes : Curio – Tragic Eyes (Ice Blue)
Lashes : Mozz – Lashes (01)

Dress : Paper Couture – Crimson Sweetheart
Shoes : Paper Couture – Suede Platform Pumps (Black)

Necklace & Earrings : Paper Couture – White Diamond Set
Ring : Paper Couture –  Times Square Ring


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