E.N.S.H.E Sneak Peak

Deniz Lalesi (Click to enlarge)

E.N.S.H.E is a new brand that will be making its first grand opening on 27th January 2012. The name of this outfit is Deniz Lalesi, or Crinoid in Turkish. I don’t know what is crinoid in first place. I did a little searching, and found it is a type of sea creature, some call it Sea Lily, while other call it Sea Tulip. Whether it is tulip or lily, for me, the name  just makes me want pludge into the sea with the outfit that looks lovely as flower. I mean take a pludge in a good way. This outfit is something you can wear just by itself without anything else (except your skin of course), or accessorize them with your usual hair, shoes and jewelry. Both style is lovely in their own way. So let us take a pludge with Deniz Lalesi.

What I’m wearing…

*Outfit : E.N.S.H.E – Deniz Lalesi (Red-Teal)

Skin : Glam Affair – Linn (Light – D 04)
Pose : Estetica


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