The Dance


We live once, die once, get married once, and love once.

quoted from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

I quoted the dialog from movie I used to watch long time ago (I just watch it again recently). This words kinda stuck with me. In life, at some point of our time: we meet someone, fall in love (perhaps get married), being alone, or out of love. It said about love once, but in real life we might fall in love again but that depends on us. Actually I want to blog this yesterday but there was few other things I need to do before I finish the picture plus sl is being such a brat since last week. Anyway…. yesterday was Valentine’s Day. A day for some people do over rated things just to prove their love. As for me should we celebrate the love everyday?

The Dance (Click to enlarge)

Ok Back to the topic. Love is just like dancing between two people, even the choreography can be crazy and hard, the basic thing you must trust your partner. Same goes to love. Love has it owns tug-of-war, the steps, the connection, technique and movement which I can relate to dance. With one wrong step can give a bad result. Sometime you can dance beautiful by yourself, but if you don’t put your soul in it, it will become just another forgettable dance. Well as for love…you need to figure out this yourself 😉

Her Outfit :

Skin : The Body Co. – Ylang Ylang (04 Medium)
Make up : The Body Co. – Ylang Ylang Makeup (Glamour)
Eyes : Fashism – Sunrise Eyes (Light Blue)
Lashes : Redgrave – Eyelashes (19 Diva)
Hair : Osmose – Argentina (Soil)

Dress : Azul – Olga (Garnet)
Shoes : G Field – Flower Pumps Eve (Black)

Earrings : Alienbear – Jenna Rosa Gold Earrings White
Necklace : Alienbear – Jenna Rosa Gold Necklace White

His Outfit :

Skin : Redgrave – Craig (Tan 04 Unshaved)
Eyes : Negapose – Fantastic Eyes (Grass)

Outfit : Gizza – Christmas Group Gift Male
Shoes : HOC Industries – Skoochers 2

Pose : [MotivAction] Poses – Tango serie. Gift. (I) [Box]
Slight Pose Adjustment : Avimote PoseMaker PE

P/S: Poor Mr. Snow, I need to bring him shopping in near future.
P/S/S: I wonder how many people really read my entry and not jump straight to the style note….hmmm.


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