I’m in love with Giorgia

Darkness and lights (Click for clearer picture)

Miamai just released their formal wear collection for Fall-Winter 2012/2013.  I love the fact they made the gowns mesh and non-mesh, so there is something for everyone (I know some people haven’t switched to mesh viewer). Today I’m wearing the first gown I fell in love; Giorgia. I mix it with gloves and shoes that comes from this collection. Sorry the shoes is  not visible from this picture. May I should do picture just for those lovely shoes.

FYI, I only use sl candle lights and windlight as the source of lighting.

What I wear…

Skin : Pink Fuel – Kumi (Vanilla Shimmer)
Lipstick : Pink Fuel – Kumi Ligth Tone (Matte Lips Temptation)
Hair : Osmose – Desir (Platinum)
Eyes : Umedama Holic – Rebirth Eyes (African Sunset)
Eyelashes : Miamai – Catwalk Lashes Evergreen (MaterialGirl)  (Mesh)

Gown : Miamai – Giorgia (Lime)
Gloves : Miamai – Rilla (Moon)  (Mesh)

Necklace & Earrings : Virtual Impressions – Charlotter Jewelry (Antique Pearl & Diamonds)
Ring : Virtual Impressions – Romi Dress Ring (Platinum)

Pose : Agapee

Windlight : [TOR]  – That Spells Moon 2


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