Summer Love


Well I know this pic doesn’t really show about Summer Love but I was listening to the song while doing the post-photo in my PS. I’m not a good as most photog in SL. I rely too much on SL shadow, SL lighting and windlight. I snapped this picture toward the end of last month but totally forgot about it because it was taken using my laptop and not pc. I kinda like using candle light and windlight as my main lights. It does look like Summer Evening when the sun set and it almost dark.

I am from non-four-seasons country. Every day is either sunny, cloudy or rainy. Well I won’t get any Summer loving but I know the feeling of seasonal love; feeling at the edge waiting if the guy will eventually call you as he promise or he will discard you.

What I wear…

Skin : PXL – Faith (Pale)
Hair : Alice Project – Steph II (Infinity) (Mesh)

Top : Drift – Cozy Bottle Neck Sweater (Sky) (Mesh)
Pants : Erratic – Zoey Leather Pants (Black) (Mesh)
Shoes : Miamai – Lily Satin (Glaocous) (Mesh)

Candles : MudHoney – Fall Candles

Song : Summer Love


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