Lost and found

At the Lost & Found (Click to enlarge)

Now we’re stuck in midtown
Surrounded by people and nothing but sound
And we’re going nowhere
And we are the lost and found

What I have lost and able to find in here? (Click to enlarge)

The title is main inspired by part of the lyric that has been stucked in my head for this whole week; Sunshine & City Lights. It keeps playing on the radio everytime I drive to work. I love the chorus. Being in SL we have a lot of things in our inventory and most of them got lost along the way. We do everything we can to it; sort, organize, wear, donate but do we really let them go. I know someone who still keep skin that she bought in 2007 because it was her first ever skin she bought and back then it cost her around 5000L. As for me, I still keep Pixeldolls clothes (although I had sent some to my alt) because it represent a good texturing clothes that I able to bought. Sadly Pixeldolls store has closed (but you can still buy some of it in markeplace)

Are we the puppet being played or the one who play the puppets (Click to enlarge)

What you need to know
Is to try and let it go let it go
What you need to find
Is someone who never will let you go

Please take note,

  • both girls in these pictures are me. I mean me as all are my main avi. I don’t use any alt at all. I’m going to put remark as Nieve Thor The Human and, Nieve Thor The Doll so you will know which is which.
  • I took those pictures on location with windlight setting but I add some “cooling” effect in photoshop — but only for the first 2 pics.
  • The “Lost & Found Section” was added in photoshop.

What I wear…

Nieve Thor The Human

Skin : Pink Fuel – Kumi (Vanilla)
Hair : [E] – Wherever (Blonde 02) (Mesh)
Eyes : .ID.  – Photogenic Eyes (Midday)
Tattoo Eyelashes : Miamai – XGen Basic Lashes (C Plus)
Manicure : Pixel Mode – Platinum Edition V2 (Gloss)
Tattoo Blush : AMD – Blush pack 1 (Rosey)

Sweater : ISON – Rochel Sweater (Rorschach Silver) (Mesh)         (from The Arcade Dec 2012)
T-Shirt : Erratic – Basic Longshirt Lights (Moss)
Pants : Zaara – Classic Jeans (Black)
Shoes : LaRoo – Shearling Boots (Dark Green) (Mesh)         (from The Arcade Dec 2012)
Stole : Pesca – Belted Stole (Plane-Brown)  (Mesh)           (from The Arcade Dec 2012)

Earmuffs : League – Earmuffs (Snowflake) (Mesh)            (from The Arcade Dec 2012)
Bag : SleepyEddy – Leather Body Bag (Red)           (from The Arcade Dec 2012)

Pose : aDORKable – Gacha Gifts 3                 (from The Arcade Dec 2012)

Nieve Thor The Doll

Skin : Glam Affair – Renee (My Gitana 01)                            (from The Arcade Dec 2012)
Doll Head : Fashionably Dead – Doll Head (Eyes Closed Sweet)  (Mesh)              (from The Arcade Dec 2012)
Hair : Exile – Break Away (Cayenne) (Mesh)
Manicure : Rezlpsa Loc – Pastel Nail Pack (Lavender)
Mesh Feet : Slink – Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh)
Others Tattoo : PixelDolls – Overlay Doll Joints (Dark Tones)                        **not available anymore

Dress : G Field – Cocktail Dress Stella (Baby Blue)

Tiara : Noodles – Glass Slipper Tiara (Silver/Diamond) (Mesh)             (from The Arcade Dec 2012)
Earrings : [glow] Studio – Juicy Gems Earrings (Silver) (Mesh)               (from The Arcade Dec 2012)

Props : Frozen – Carbon Box with Poses                           (from XYROOM)


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