A new day and new hunt

What a nice day to be alive (Click to enlarge)

Well today is 23rd Dec, so the Mayan prediction is not true after all since we are still alive. As for me I always glad for new day. Beside new day, there is new hunt going on in SL called New in 2013 Hunt and I’m wearing one of the item. I know few of my friends who love doing hunt will do this hunt.

How do I look? (Click to enlarge)

Either the world really end or not I have few confession to make. 1) I really like this long shirt from Erratic. I’ve been wearing it a lot. I don’t care what people thing why I wear it. With a lot of mesh item going on around in SL world, sometime I love to wear non-mesh clothing especially when it comes to layering 2) I kinda like this skin but too bad it only have few make up. 3) I have a lot of eyes either mesh or non-mesh but I still love my usual Curio eyes and also any eyes from Umedama Holic. Right now I feel like changing my eyes but I don’t know which one to choose — well more likely which colour to choose. By the way, I don’t do any touch up on this headshot except; a) removing those pesky line b) cropped it c) adding my signature.

What I wear…

Skin : Essences – Monday (Untouched)                  (from TDR Fusion)
Hair : !Ohmai – Chloe (Cocoa)
Manicure : Izzie’s – French Nails
Eyes : Umedama Holic – Rebirth Eyes (African Sunset)
Lashes : Redgrave – 6 Natural

Jacket : OMG! Inc – Duffle Coat Purple (Mesh)          (from New in 2013 Hunt)
Shirt : Erratic – Basic Longshirt Lights (Pink)
Pants : Zaara – Classic Jeans (Black)
Socks : Maitreya – Sculpted Socks (Rosy)
Shoes : Maitreya – Shearling Boots (Choco)

Scarf : Maitreya – Long Scarf (Champagne)
Earrings : Maxi Gossamer – Valencia Earrings  (Mesh)
Necklace : Maxi Gossamer – Baroque Jewelled Owl Necklace  (Mesh)

Pose : Izumiya                 **I can’t remember the exact number.

Location : Rogue

More info on New in 2013 Hunt : Website | Starter Point | What you might get | Hints


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