Going out

We’re going out.

It’s second weekend for 2013. Weekend is the best time for me to catch up with my family, friends, my tv, sl and jewelry. I know most of you is having winter, please bare in mind I’m from country that always have a lot of sun and rain. Today I’m wearing this short dress — yay for short dress, how I miss you — from Rotten Defiance; it’s one of the item for New in 2013 Hunt. It has been awhile for me & Nat took picture together and wearing the same outfit. Oh by the way, the New In 2013 Hunt will be ended on 20th January. What do you waiting for…..

Please check Natasja’s blog her stylenote.

What I wear…

Skin : Belleza – Noel                  (from 50L Friday)
Hair : Alice Project – Helga  (Mesh)          (from New in 2013 Hunt)
Manicure : Izzie’s – Metallic Nails  (Mesh)

Dress : Rotten Defiance – Empire Dress (Red Stripe) (Mesh)          (from New in 2013 Hunt)
Boots : Pixel Fashion – Ultimate Boots 2.0.x (Black)

Sunglasses : Azoury – Lunette  (Mesh)          (from New in 2013 Hunt)
Necklace : Epoque’s – Shard Necklace (Gold)  (Mesh)
Bracelet : Epoque’s – Cage Cuff (Gold)  (Mesh)
Clutch : Leverocci – Soft Clutch (Nude)  (Mesh)


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