Oh brother of mine

My brother & I (click to enlarge)

Usually I co-blog with my sister; Natasja. Once in awhile my another sister; Linnda will grace herself  in the same pictures. Both of them are pretty and talented, and had represented their country in Miss Virtual World. See I have bigger shoes to fill in.  The best thing to be with them when it comes to shopping *giggles* What can I say, it runs in the family.

Today, I took picture with my brother Hikaru. Many knows him as noted male stylist and Mr Virtual World Norway . It is fun to have a younger sibling in SL. Hehehe. We fight — Nat always the midiator..well just harmless fight. We joke. We tease — that is why I try to keep any of my date out of his radar..lol. We shop — he can out done me and my sisters. That is my brother to me.  I won’t change it any other way. Love you bro.

As for my style, all I can say this is the best yellow dress I have in SL. Yellow is my fav colour in RL when it comes to SL, I’m really picky. This dress has the right tone of yellow for my sl self.

What I wear…and please check Hik’s blog for his style note.

Skin : Belleza – Aiko (Pale 2)
Hair : Truth – Adeline (Java)  (Mesh)
Eyes : .ID.  – Soulful Eyes (Gray)
Eyelashes : Miamai – Catwalk Lashes (Evergreen – 01 Femme)  (Mesh)
Manicure : Pixel Mode – Platinum Edition V2 (Gloss)

Dress : VoguE – Roxanne Gown (Mandarin)  (Mesh)

Necklace & Earrings : Paper Couture – White Diamond Set

Song : I’ll be there for you


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