Try to define my day

Mixture of The Arcade and not so new item I’ve bought (Click to enlarge)

It has been a month since my last post in here. I feel guilty for not blogging anything. Right now I’m having pc problem whenever I try to snap a high-resolution picture. After asking around, well my graphic card is ancient and I have force it to the limit.My pc will freeze whenever I enable the shadow and crash if I try to take picture. I’m still thankful it doesn’t died yet. At least I still can see myself in SL or browsing the internet. If you have seen my entry picture for The Arcade, well those picture taken by my sister; Natasja but all post-processing on photoshop done by me. Thank you sis for helping me out.

No shadow = no pesky line (Click to enlarge)

Today I’ve decided, to snap some picture and post directly to flickr. Now you are going to see unprocess picture taken straight from sl. Please dont hate me if you see those pesky line.

As for The Arcade, I think I’ve spend the most this time around. I got lucky twice to get 2 rare items..yay me.

What I wear…

Skin : Glam Affair – Luria (13 Rare)                    (from The Arcade March 2013)
Hair : Truth – Video Games (Black RARE)  (Mesh)                 (from The Arcade March 2013)
Manicure : Nylon Outfitters – Nail Art (Neon Tips)  (Mesh)           (from The Arcade March 2013)

Top : Tee*fy – Mini Corset (Dark Floral)  (Mesh)
Skirt : The Sea Hole – Lorette Skirt (Crimson)  (Mesh)         (from The Arcade March 2013)
Shoes : Miamai – Lily Satin (Tuscan Red) (Mesh)

Necklace 1 : Olive – The Folded Golden Paper Letter Necklace (W)     (from The Arcade March 2013)
Necklace 2 : Maxi Gossamer – Wild Honey Bee Necklace (White)  (Mesh)     (from The Arcade March 2013)
Sunglasses : Iruco – Butterfly Sunglasses (GN) (Mesh)         (from The Arcade March 2013)
Bag : Milk Motion – Mini Leather Suitcase Bag (Blue/Grey) (Mesh)    (from The Arcade March 2013)

Pose 1 : LAP – Gown With The Wind Pose Set
Pose 2 : Estetica – Mixed Bag Pose Pack


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