Be careful making wishes in the dark

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All I can say, I’m loving Miamai new manicure called Lacquer Sublime Nails. FYI, the manicure comes in mesh and also Slink hand enhancement, and it comes in 4 different packages (or colour styles). The reason I’m using the mesh manicure instead of  Slink hand because:

  1. Glam Affair doesn’t have hand enhancement hud for Slink yet
  2. Slink doesn’t have function where I can mix my manicure colour like I’m wearing now
  3. They have nails length longer than Slink. It reminds of my fav. manicure from Pixel Mode. If you have used Pixel Mode, you know how long fetish nails can be but It doesn’t go beyond to the length we can consider as talons.

If mixture of this 3 can merge together, I’ll be in pixelate heaven. ❤

At first I didn’t intend to participate Strawberry Singh’s 3 SL Wishes Meme Challenge, but with my blog title and how I want to type in here, I feel somehow it just fit right in. If these wishes include short term wishes, I think the list above is good enough 😉 ..kidding. Here goes nothing.

  1. I wish for stable SL Viewer with combination UI like Firestorm and fast high-end graphics like Niran. Frankly I love Niran when it comes to their ultra setting because it is much stable than my Firestorm. FYI, I was able to walk around Fantasy Faire with my draw distance blow up to 200m without any lags. The only thing I disabled was my shadow. I like Firestorm because of its interface especially when I can click lot of tools which usually hidden in preferences, advance or develop menu such as Colour on Cursor, people’s tag (it is useful when I need to find people in crowded place and their name are not in my friendlist. I know some people love their phototools which I rarely use because I always click to the windlight setting and adjust it from there. Another thing I like about firestorm is when I click the “worn” folder where it shows me the actual folder name (this is useful when I have item that doesn’t have store’s name as part of the item name) rather than list of what ever thing I wear on me.
  2. I still wish Glam Affair will produce Sakura skin as full range skin because in my opinion, that is my favourite skin from them. Plus it is Asian-inspire skin. Although I love my current skin from Glam Affair but I still wish for Sakura skin.
  3. I wish I able to create any of my RL jewelry creation in SL. My fingers seems not to agree with my SL plus I’m totally suck when it comes to 3D creation. *Sigh*

What I wear…

Skin : Glam Affair – Zara (America 09)
Hair : Modern Couture Hair – Yasmin (Dark)
Eyes system : Miamai  – Protagoniste Basic  (Mesh)        (the whole thing include eye, eyelashes, prim eyeliner and rhinestones decoration)
Manicure : Miamai – Lacquer Sublime Nails (Moderniste)   (Mesh)

Bodysuit : Diram – Jasia Body (Black&Gold) (Mesh)

Earrings & Necklace Set : Modern Couture Jewelry – Caliope Set


2 thoughts on “Be careful making wishes in the dark

  1. You know the other day Aida plurked a work in progress picture of a skin she was working on and it looked very Asian, similar to Sakura. I recall her Sakura skin and enjoyed wearing it myself. Looking forward to seeing this new one she’s working on. Thanks for doing the meme! ❤

    1. Yay..I can’t wait to see how the skin looks on me 😀
      You’re welcome. I like to do it since it fits with what I tend to write perfectly 🙂

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