The dream weaver

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Dreamweaver, weave me a dream
Where I’m rich and famous
Known to all the world
Weave me a dream, where I’m young and beautiful
Have servants galore and live in a palace

Dreamweaver by Marilyn Shepperson

The castle where I did my photoshoot (Click to enlarge)

Thank you to Nat who suggested this title. It’ s befitting since I took this picture at Island of Lost Dream sim. I found it from Ziki’s blog. Yup Ziki’s blog has become one of my guilty pleasure. Fyi, this sim is a roleplayer sim. I’m bad at rp but I love to dress up and taking pictures. You still can visit this sim by joining the visitor group; ILD Visitor. Make sure you also wear the tp hud which provided at the landing point. Well that hud doesn’t show landmark or main places around the sim but sort like passport for you to enter their main gate. Since this sim is new to me, I’ve been like wandering blindly at the main marketplace area which just near to the landing point. The staff really help me out by pointing to the location I want to go. Thank you Sehania 🙂 By the way, ILD sim owner; Cherudek, told me that they have rp class for people who wants to join rp but don’t know where to start. I love this location because it has magnificent view of the mountains, the castle and the nearby village.

Miamai Protagoniste Vanity

As for my clothes, I bought it during Fantasy Faire. Yup I’m guilty as charge for buying things but taking so much time to wear it and let alone blog it. *blush* but it also a bless because a week after that, Maxi Gossamer sold this beautiful necklace set at Fameshed, and a day before I decided to snap this picture, Miamai release another eye system set called Vanity. It comes with mesh eyes, eyelashes, extra eyelashes, eyeliner, feather and gem eye decoration. For this outfit, I only switch on the mesh eyes, extra eyelashes and gem eye decoration.

What I wear …

Skin : Glam Affair – Zara (America 03)
Hair : LoQ – BerryJuice (Golden Platinum)
Eyes system : Miamai  – Protagoniste Vanity  (Mesh)
Manicure : Miamai – Lacquer Sublime Nails (Naturals)   (Mesh)

Gown : 22769 – Femme Queensdress (Lavender)  (Mesh)     (from Fantasy Faire 2013)
Shoes : Miamai – Lily Satin (Ghost White)  (Mesh)

Tiara : Maxi Gossamer – Everyday Tiara Pearl Heart  (Mesh)
Earrings & Necklace – Maxi Gossamer – Raisa Drop Necklace and Earrings  (Mesh)
Bracelet : Alienbear – Azucena Soft Antique Gold Bracelets (White)

Location : Island of Lost Dreams

Pose : Purple Poses – Silena


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