Avatar Blogger Month & My Inventory

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When I first saw this post; Avatar Blogger Month, where avatar blogger — whether you’re from SL, IMVU, OpenSim or any form of virtual word, as long you’re blogging as your avatar you can join in. At first, I was thinking whether I should or should not do it, or can I able to do it. I know today is already 4th June and I owe 3 more post — minus this post — I’m trying to keep up with my post. Since I really want to keep up with my blog and my inventory, so why not.

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Speaking of my inventory the last time I did some clean up, it reached 47,700. With The Arcade and faMESHed just started last weekend, I thought it has gone up but it has gone down to 46,928. Well this is basic thing I do :

  • Making sure I delete at least 100 item per day. Well you can make a pio
  • Deleting all store ads especially the old one or I already know about their sales and sales location.
  • Deleting old styling folder in the Outfits folder. Each time you save up your new style. It will store a link for every single item you wear for that style, and each of those link will contribute to your inventory counter. I have a lot f this folder ever since it was introduced to me. With name based on the runway shows, event, contest or just based on the date I created the styling.
  • Delete all script that has the word unpack and delete me. It stated delete me so you can delete them. Please don’t keep them as souvenir unless you want to study the programing used for that particular script — which I doubt since most of those script is unmodified.
  • I only keep 1 shoe base and 1 alpha layer for fatpack shoes that I own. Since I keep the original packaging, I can always store back those layer if necessary –unless the shoes is non-copy. I also keep only 1 vendor ads pic that came with the shoes (unless it has picture for every colour of those shoes).

What I wear…

Skin : Belleza – Ava Best Buys 1 (Medium)
Lipstick : Belleza – Ava Med Lips Bundle (Light Gloss Lips 9)
Hair : Wasabi Pills  – Haley (Wild Honey)  (Mesh)       (from faMESHed June 2013)
Eyes : Ikon  – Lucid Eyes (Hazel)
Hands : Slink – Mesh Rigged Hands (Mesh)
Manicure Enhancement : Miamai – Lacquer Sublime Nails for Slink (Ink Hands)

Dress : Cracked Mirror – Lily Dress (Yellow)  (Mesh)   (from faMESHed June 2013)
Shoes : Miamai – Camille High Heels (Lilac Sequin)  (Mesh)

Necklace : Cae – Guinevere Neclace
Clutch : Magic Nook – Parisian Romance Clutch Bag (Grey)  (Mesh)

Pose : Glitterati – Purse


2 thoughts on “Avatar Blogger Month & My Inventory

  1. Great post. Inspirational too, considering I was discouraged by my enourmous inventory (70000+). It’s a great approach to delete 100 items a day, it is doable and not despairingly boring! TY!

    1. Yup it is doable. I saw in other people blogs saying she wanted to delete 10 item per day. I try to do 100 because I know how much junk I have lol. Plus I really need to let go a lot of my old stuff (especially skin I bought before 2010)

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