ABM Post 2 – A bit of RL & SL

Under the sun (Click to enlarge)

It took me another 2 days to do post no. 2 for this month. I was thinking to do this picture yesterday but I was so busy with my rl stuff. RL stuff on that day was doing new earrings and playing with my latest jewelry tools which just came by courier. Yup I do make jewelry in RL but never in SL. I know some designer able to do both item in RL and SL. I like jewelry in SL but I don’t have steady hands and fingers to do them in SL. First of all, I’m still struggling even to do basic 3d prims either in Maya or Blender. I’m not used with the menu plus how to slice and dice those prims. Secondly, I couldn’t feel the wire in between my fingers as I weave, warp, twist and turn them.

As for SL, I have some items I got from The Arcade. I went there on their opening day. I didn’t manage to get it but I able to do cam shopping from neighbouring sim. 😀 This is what I do to make me able to go shopping there :

  • I use Niran Viewer. I use Firestorm for my day-to-day work in sl but when it comes to picture and crowded places, Niran is the best for me (please use viewer that you are comfortable with).
  • If I use Firestorm in crowded sim, I always set my graphic either low or medium. Never ever on ultra.
  • If I use Niran, I just disable my shadow.
  • I seldom use particle. If you like to use particle, please set it to zero.
  • Set Max Avatar less than 5. Sorry people, I know you have a lot of lovely clothes on you but I don’t want to overkill my viewer and pc. If you want to walk around without accidentally pushing other people, Mini Map is there to give you some guidelines. If you want to find your friends in those crowded place, just follow their dots 😉
  • If you have advance menu on (Ctrl + Alt + D), you can disable some basic rendering types (Rendering -> Type). What do you want more, able to walk around shopping or look at pretty sky? I always disable clouds, water, ground, trees and grass. Well most event nowadays held up 3000m above the sky. You don’t need those water and ground to begin with. As for trees, I don’t know which sim/place still using Linden trees and grass. As for clouds, most places is in a big skybox plus do you really stare at sl cloud when you do shopping or look at the item.
  • You can disable some of rendering feature (Rendering -> Feature) such as fog and foot shadow.
  • Wear less scripted item on you. Who ever around you will thank you more. Usually I left my jewelry safe inside my inventory rather on me.
  • Since I stated earlier that  I shopped from neighbour sim, first thing and foremost, you need to find the neighbour sim that allow you to fly because the event is 3000m above the sky and no draw distance allow me to do that high.
  • Set my draw distance more than 120m.
The Arcade June 2013 - Wasabi Hair
The Arcade June 2013 – Wasabi Hair

What I wear….

Skin : Glam Affair – Zara (America – 02 D)
Hair : Wasabi Pills  – Lory (Ash – Rare)  (Mesh)       (from The Arcade June 2013)
Eyes : Ikon  – Lucid Eyes (Hazel)
Eyelashes : Miamai – Catwalk Lashes Evergreen (04 Audrey)  (Mesh)
Manicure : Miamai – Lacquer Sublime Nails (Natural)

Top : Eclectic Apparel – Mechan Top (Sunshine)  (Mesh)      (from faMESHed June 2013)
Pants : Fashionably Dead – High Waist Shorts (White)  (Mesh)
Shoes : Ilo – Work Boot (Sharkattack)  (Mesh)                      (from The Arcade June 2013)

Necklace : Maxi Gossamer – Lover’s Solitaire Heart Necklace  (Mesh)
Bracelet : Maxi Gossamer – Summertime Easy Living  (Mesh)

Other stuff…

Buiding : Scarlet Creative – Rare Wooden Cabin  (Mesh)         (from The Arcade June 2013)
Tent : Floorplan – Sleepover Tent (Mint)  (Mesh)          (from The Arcade June 2013)
Radio : Tee*fy – Radio Star (Alice)  (Mesh)                      (from The Arcade past event)


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