I wanna see inside

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That title might make you think I’ll be wearing lingerie or swimwear. Sorry people, today’s title is taken from a song; Beneath Your Beautiful – from Labrinth feat. Emeli Sande. I’ve been listening to this song as I was searching for what I need to write in here. As I’m doing Avatar Blogger Month challenge, I know I just can’t post anything without writing about something. I know Strawberry Singh’s Meme might have something that I can write about.

I’ve decided to do SL Names Meme because it provides the basic thing about my avi; my name.

Nieve Thor
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  1. What’s your SL name? Nieve Thor (people+me always pronounce as Niv Thor. I have yet heard the correct Spanish pronounciation *blush*)
  2. What made you choose this name? I was looking translation for the word “Snow” in various language and I really like “Nieve”. FYI, Snow is my Harry Potter-RP first name. Thor is the surname I found while register my account — Snow and Thunder can be deadly if you happen to be at the place at the wrong time 😉
  3. What’s your SL nickname, or what do most people call you? (if applicable) Twin (only few people is allow to call me this — none of my SL family allow to call me Twin)
  4. What’s your SL display name? Why do you choose to have one? (if applicable) I don’t have one.
  5. Do you like your SL name? Yup
  6. If you could change your SL name, what would it be? Hmm..let me check back with my name list, I used to have tons because RP….now I think I just use  “Honey Bun”
  7. What’s the craziest/funniest SL name you’ve ever seen? Any names which actually procrastination word in any Asia’s languages (as long I understand the word). I can’t say it here.
  8. What’s the coolest (your favorite) SL name you’ve ever seen? Baby Rubble and Mee Siam.

Yay I did it.

What I wear…

Skin : Glam Affair – Zara (America – 06 D)
Hair : Vanity Hair – The Meadow (Expresso)  (Mesh)
Eyes : Ikon  – Lucid Eyes (Hazel)
Eyelashes : Bettlebones – Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Black)  (Mesh)
Hands : Slink – Mesh Rigged Hands (Mesh)
Feet : Slink – Mesh Medium Feet (Mesh)
Manicure Enhancement : Miamai – Lacquer Sublime Nails for Slink (Rogue Hands)
Pedicure Enhancement : Miamai – Lacquer Sublime Nails for Slink (Rogue Feet)

Dress : Nylon Outfitters – Shabby Chic Sweetheart (Pink)
Coat : Diram – Megan Coat (Blue)  (Mesh)
Shoes : Hucci – Embessa Sandals (Midnight)  (Mesh)                      (from faMESHed June 2013)

Necklace & Earrings : Mandala – Yakushi Jewelry Set (Pink)  (Mesh)

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