My Musical Theme Meme

My summer theme (Click to enlarge)

Oh gosh, I’m so way behind of my ABM (Avatar Blogger Month) post because this post is my fourth for this month. *hide*. I am way too busy in RL and whenever I got time in SL, I was unlucky to get any picture done; shopping distraction, sim restart, crash and lack of mood.

Glam Affair – Summer (Click to enlarge)

Nowadays I like to put lyric of a song as part of my picture title and description, but today I don’t know which song make me remember or humming while I was doing those pictures. Sometime our picture in SL is a reflection of a song. Sometime the song is a sneak peek reflection of our life. Sometime we pick song just to make us change our perspective in live. So here is a little challenge from me (I don’t know how many will answer this challenge)….copy the set of question below (which in bold) and answer them with song that you know it reflect the question.

  1. What is the last musical video clip you watched (either tv or youtube) : Sungha Jung – Pirates of Carribean Theme Song
  2. What is the last song you hear on your radio/ipod (non-video) : I think it was…..Jason Derulo – The Other Side
  3. What is the last song you sing along on top of your lung : Fallout Boys – My Song Knows What You Did In The Dark
  4. What is the one song you must listen everyday : anything from Ed Sheeran. okk I cheat I can’t pick one of his song.
  5. What is/are the main song(s) that make you want to skip the playlist of changing the station : Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven.  Taylor Swift – I know You Were Trouble.  Ke$ha (I can’t remember the song name but I know there is part of lyric said “I want a little rouchy”) Anything from Adele. Well most of Adele song makes me depress. I only listen to depress song when I’m depress.  Just say….those songs are played too much on my local radio up to the point I can’t stand it anymore.
  6. Song that reflect your life :  Goo Goo Dolls – Iris
  7. Song that stuck in you head (doesn’t matter you love or hate) : Lawson – Standing In The Dark
  8. Song that you wish someone special (especially the singers themselves) serenade only for you : Anuar Zain – Lelaki Ini. Him on bended knees with this song….I will say yes, I do 😀
  9. Song that makes you wish it is written for you : One Direction – Little Things.
  10. Song that always make you cry : One Direction – Moments.

If you want to participate, just left your url in the comment section below. I love to read it.  ❤

What I wear…

Skin : Glam Affair – Summer (America – 01 D)     (from Summerfest 2013)
Hair : Vanity Hair – Minuet (Jet Black)  (Mesh)
Eyes system : Miamai  – Protagoniste  Vanity  (Mesh)                           (Eyes + Lashes + Eyeliner)
Hands : Slink – Mesh Rigged Hands (Mesh)
Feet : Slink – Mesh Medium Feet (Mesh)
Manicure Enhancement : Miamai – Lacquer Sublime Nails for Slink (Natural Hands)
Pedicure Enhancement : Miamai – Lacquer Sublime Nails for Slink (Natural Feet)

Dress : Baiastice – Hina Maxi Dress (Lemon)  (Mesh)    (from faMESHed June 2013)
Shoes : Hucci – Embessa Sandals (Midnight)  (Mesh)                      (from faMESHed June 2013)

Necklace & Earrings : Mandala – Tefutefu Set (Africa)  (Mesh)
Handbag : Gizza – Gezi Park 3D Handbag (Blue)   (Mesh)
Ring : Maxi Gossamer – Atlantis Moon Ring  (Mesh)            (from faMESHed June 2013)

Pose : Olive Juice – Lookbook Seven Summer   (from Summerfest 2013)

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