Pontianak goes couture


This is my fourth challenge I did for MVW 2014; Halloween Challenge. Before I write any further or anyone ask where is picture for the 2nd and 3rd Challenge. Well in due time my dearest. In due time. I have it plan out 😉

The title is actually taken from Amita Yorcliffe’s comment on this picture when I posted in my SL FB. Haha. My inspiration taken from local Malay ghost.  It is a spirit of woman died during labor of her first child. According to most of eye witness, the spirit dressed in white. They can change to ugly. During it presence, you can hear her cry. If the cry is soft, it means that the pontianak is close, and if it is loud, then it must be far. Some believe you can hear dog howling and a smell of nice floral fragrance from plumeria flower (which also known in Malaysia as “Graveyard Flower” (in our language Bunga Kubur). She kills her victims by digging into their stomach with her long fingernails. You can turn this spirit to beautiful woman and marry her by plunging a nail on the nape of her neck.


Pontianak is prominent ghost that has been around for long time especially around Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. So far I am lucky for not seeing one unless it was on tv but I’ve heard stories from other family members and friends. One word of caution, don’t be boastful about  you’re not afraid of them or said you really scared of them.

My ghost baby - upclose
My ghost baby – upclose

If you can see this bundle of “joy” in my hands is actually a full perm mesh item I found in marketplace. I have added my touch by adding the make up plus adding some sound with some script to play the sound. If you want to know the coding, just browse SL Wiki page. They have a lot of pre-scripted codes that you can use. Too bad, the baby’s face area is only half (I think the mirroring for the whole face area) or else there will some different tear track on each eyes.

What I wear…

Skin : Glam Affair – Candy (Horror Edition 04)
Hair : Emo-tions – Windblown III (Black)
Eyes : Dead Apples – Sinistre (Faded Hazel Brown)
Eyelashes : Bettlebones – Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Black)  (Mesh)
Eyelashes : Mon Cheri – Falsies Mesh Alpha Lashes (Upper)  (Mesh)
Hands : Slink – Mesh Rigged Hands (Mesh)
Manicure Enhancement : Blackliquid – Blood Nails        (from If You’ve Got It, Haunt It Hunt)
Blood drip make up : ContraptioN – Pseudo Cogitatione Crown  (part of set)             (from Horrorfest Hunt 2013)
Blood drip make up : Corvus – Bloody lips

Dress : ISON – Amelia Lace Gown (White)  (Mesh)                    (from Collabor88 October 2013)
Cape : Aii – Valentine Cloak (White)                                (I have edited some of the prims to create this look)
Shoes : Diktator – Obey (White)  (Mesh)

Neck piece & Ring : Gizza – Deadly Silence (Black)  (Mesh)   (part of outfit)
Ghost baby : Mesh Mafia – Full Perm Wrapped Baby 2 (Mesh)                   (make texture done by me)
Leg cuff : Erratic – Cuffs (Silver)                                     (Originally it is a bangle)


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