We’ll be counting stars (Part 1)


This is my traditional outfit I wore for MVW 2014 Grand Finale. I know I have to type a lot but this is the exact words I’ve used during the show.

It is inspired from traditional Chinese dress called Qipao or well known in Malaysia as Cheong Sam. Chinese is a second larger ethnic in Malaysia. The main colour is inspired from one of the colour in Malaysia flag; yellow. Yellow represent royal colour of the Malay ruler. The pattern on the collar is batik style with hibiscus flower; Malaysia National Flower. Being decendent from mix ethnic, I want to show the assimilation within Malaysia multi-cultural is harmonious. Amutey has done a fabulous job on translating the inspiration into reality for this outfit. The jewelery is inspired from Malay traditional jewelry.

Picture taken by Tillie Ariantho
Picture taken by Tillie Ariantho

The mix of using purple as part of my dress is based on my RL traditional outfit; yellow background with dark purple flower. During the creation process, Amutey asked me the colour. I know I want yellow from the start and I know Bliss always have my right kind of yellow. I know it kinda unusual for people to wear yellow in SL let alone in MVW. I consider that is my risk that I really want to take beside I love that colour. When she asked me the colour for the pattern, I said few other colour then I canceled it myself because I remember about this favorite outfit of mine. I’m so happy with the result 🙂

Picture taken by Tillie Ariantho
Picture taken by Tillie Ariantho

What I wear…

Hair : Plume – Hibiscus (Soil)    (**no longer available)
Eyeshadows : Beauty by Alaskametro – Creme Duo Eyeshadow (Gold Dust)
Lipstick : Glam Affair – Elit Lipstick (10)
Eyeliner : Chelle – Eyeliner Basic (Top)

Dress : Bliss Couture – Nieve MVW Qipao                     (coming soon)
Shoes : BSD Design Studio – Shoetopia Surreal (Gold)  (Mesh)

Earrings & Bracelet : Virtual Impression  – Nieve Jewelry Set       (coming soon)
Fan in the hair : Status Poses – Blossom w/fan                       (the fan comes together in a pose pack)


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