We’ll be counting stars (Part 2)


I consider this outfit is the closing of my journey through out the competition but it doesn’t mean a closing of my SL life. I didn’t not plan but somehow I wore the hair that I used for my MVW entry submission. Trust me I don’t use it on purpose but somehow faith has point me to that direction. I realize it after I look back at my picture during the whole journey.


Another note, if I don’t put any skin detail in here that means I’m wearing either Glam Affair – Zara or Glam Affair – Lucy. During whole competition, I stick with those 2 skin range unless I said otherwise.

What I wear…

Skin : Glam Affair – Zara (America 10 D)
Hair : Miamai – Loroi (Brown)
Manicure : Miamai- LacquerSublime Nails (Rogue)

Dress : Bliss Couture – Nieve Gown   (not available yet)
Shoes : ISON – Pointy Strap Heel (Brown)  (Mesh)

Earrings & Bracelet : Virtual Impression  – Nieve Jewelry Set       (coming soon)
Hairpin : Zyn – Old Star Hairpins (Lavender)


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