About Me

About Me

I’m an Asian girl who ventured into SL Modeling scene (minus the diva attitude). I just developed shopping as part of SL hobby beside spending time with my SL family and friends. As for my personality, I’m a bit shy and reserved but I can be funny and loveable once you get to know me. I also known to be expressive (I elobrate what I want).

I’ve been in SL since November 2007. Although I’ve changed a lot but I’m still the same me inside. If you knew me before, please don’t be afraid to say hi. I’m still learning a lot from SL either building stuff, photographing or SL itself. Hey life is a never ending learning exprience, even if you’re in SL.

As for this blog, well it started as my way to record the journey I first made as trainee model. It’s easy to record day-to-day changes that I’ve done to myself. Now this blog still record my day-to-day style either spur of the moment or just what I wear for the day. I also do product review if got them either direct from designer or I really love the stuff I bought. Well, hey..it just me. 🙂

My Current position

Print, Runway & On-Location Model

My Pastime

I love to play Zyngo and Slingo. I was Slingo host in Heavenly Rose.

Politically Correct About Me

  • Although my name is a Spanish word, so please don’t be angry if I don’t reply you back in Spanish. I’m not trying to be rude, well for a start I’m not Spanish and I can’t speck Spanish at all..unless “Hola” :).
  • I’m Asian but I’m not either Chinese, Japanese or Indian.
  • Although I like to keep my country of origin as private, it doesn’t mean I’m a criminal. I’ve a clean records. Please respect my RL privacy.

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