Just wanna have fun :D

I just wanna have fun (Click to see the original picture, I've cropped this one)

I don’t care what people say, today I just want to have fun and be cute :D I mean superlicious cute that you might sick of me (in my own way, if you’re not..yay me for not getting people sick). Since I’m trying my best not to shop — after a series of serious shopping — I want to wear and blog at least 80% – 90% those that I have bought so far. It started with this lovely bushy curly hair which I got since the Accessories Fair from SyDS but since the issue I faced somewhere in March-April, I keep forgetting about the hair until recently *blush*. Then I tried with this high-waist mini skirt from Myth. There is nothing better for me to be cute than wearing pink :D I have cute Candy from Lara Skin with this pink gloss make up plus this off shoulder blouse from G Field which I love a lot. Please take note, I have several of them (the blouse). So you might see the repetition of the same blouse in different colours or fabric. ;)

D-Lab, 6pi sim (Click to enlarge)

Once I’m dolled up, I want to go somewhere fun that speak “I’m kid at heart” kind of fun :D So I’ve browsed all over the plurk, fashion feed and even flickr until I found a picture of D-Lab sim. Yay *jumping up and down*. Once I’ve landed, I found this donkey see-saw just not far from the landing. Double yay. It was fun. After the see-saw, I walked around the sim. You can see the whole sim is bright and colourful; appeal for kids or adult who just want to have fun.

The milk cart behind me (Click to see the original pic as I've cropped this one)

I found a store there with this cute buggy milk-cart. I want to ride it but it said I’m not the owner :(  Ok bye-bye for now. right now I want to stay home and sort my stuff and see what I can find in there ;)

What I wear…

Skin : Lara Skin – Candy (pink gloss – pale)
Hair : SyDS! – Ecce Homo/Enchant (Choco)
Tattoo Lashes : Mozz – Lashes (01)
Eyes : Umedama Holic – Frozen Eyes (Blue Poppy)
Manicure : Love Soul – Nail Color (Red)

Top : G Field – Off-Shoulder Chiffon (Plain/Pink)
Skirt : Myth – HighRise Jean Skirt (Black)
Shoes : Maitreya – Esprit (Black)

Necklace : Zaara – Balini Necklace (Multi Amber)
Bangles : YS & YS – Simple Gloss Bangles (Corals)

Pose : Lotta

Location : D-Lap, 6-i

P/S: I don’t any photoshop except cropped them and add my name on it.

090915 – Looking Red

TodayI want to wear some colours after few days of black outfit. So I put on this slip-on dress and have my hair tied in a simple bun. Lol I think I look too red but I don’t care. I think red is my theme for today :)

Hmm..as for shoes, I think I have this open-toes shoes instead of sandal. I wear this champagne colour instead of red because I need to highlight the undertone of this dress. Hey, I don’t to be a walking trafficlight in here.

Hmm how about the accessories. Well these new accessories I just bought will do. The wooden & gold texture and shape is really lovely. It looks so real even it just a pixel art out of my computer screen.

Strolling around

Strolling around

I think today I will go strolling around SL. Since my two boys might be busy with their RL, I guess I’m doing it alone. Until then :)

Up close

Up close

Skin : Pixel Dolls – Ichigo (003 Natural)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Earth)
Prim lashes : Adam n Eve – Whisper (Black)
Pedicure : Adam n Eve – Rosetta
Hair : fri.day – Jules (Jealous Red)

Dress : Woodenhanger – Paisley Dress
Shoes : Maitreya – Shanti (Champagne)

Necklace : Zaara – Karmuka (Wood – Gold)
Earrings : Zaara – Sarayi Hoops (Wood – Gold)
Bracelet : Zaara – Ramya Wood Bangles (Gold)

Location : Emvee Club

090428 – At Las Islas Republic

At Las Islas Republic

Where can I start? Hmmm. Well first of all, my look of the day basicly based on this beautiful dress. The first time I saw it in Uma’s blog, it was so stunning that I wish I was at home instead of the RL office so I can tp to the store.

Once I was back safe and sound in front of my PC. First thing first was to find the location. Well SL Viewer is my true companion in time like this. I saw few landmark but to my dispair none sold this lovely dress. Hmm….what I need to do. I got it. I just inspect on one poster and found Kellie Ilwish’s profile (The creator behind Elate!). Thank goodness she put the lm for Elate Mainstore in her lovely pick. Yeah for me.

It’s unpatient of me (always), I never let everything to reez up properly as I dash straight to the first poster of Slivia. OMG! There were 5 of them (the dress). I wish I could buy the fatpack instead just to eliminate my time to choose which I like best but I need to save up some linden for other things. I don’t want to pick blue because everyone in Elate Group already have it. Hmm… I tried not to pick the red although it screaming my name. I have so many thing in red. Hmm may be I just close my eyes and pin the dress with my mouse. The brown dress look a bit too Autumn for me. I’m tempted between purple and green..hmmm. Eenie Meenie Minie Moo.

Then an angel just logged in. Yeah for Aldina (my friend). Well I talked to her and persuade her to help me choose the dress. I tped her in and wait for her to reez up. So finally she said, “Pick the green one”. Yeah…I got a new dress. Aldina wasn’t online that long to help shopping for the rest of my thing.

I quickly wore the dress. It wasn’t hard for me to choose the hair, because I already knew what hair that I wanted to wear with this dress. I wore Slink latest range that I bought 2 days ago; Scarlet Style II in Red Pack. I love Slink hair because I just need the HUD to control whatever colour available from the pack. Well it cut down the number of items in my inventory (especially after I bought Slink – Anna Special Fatpack. The down side of it, I can’t remember the hair name anymore. What the heck, at least I know which colour I want to wear.

The hair from my back What do you think?

As for the skin, it has been almost a week I wore this skin; Bebae- Belina Cinna (in Moss). It has become one of my favourite skins. IT make look fresh. A few friends and loves one have compliment about my skin everytime I wear it. :) FYI, I never change the shape of my face unless the skin really require me too and this skin is well adept with my face :) I still dragging to buy Bebae new skin range. *Sigh*

It’s a bit hard for me to get just the right shoes for this dress since most of my shoes is either boots, pump, wedges or flat ballerina shoes. Well it’s about time for me to shop for a new pair. Something that spell Spring and Summer with just one look. I need an open-toe shoes. Then I remember shoes from Truth from oone of his recent shoes. I tp to the store and found just the right shoes with the right colour; Aurora Heels in Citrus.

The Shoes

The Shoes

The only place I can think of when wearing this dress is to walk along a beach or any reasort where I can see the ocean, boats and lovely sidewalk by the beach. So I ditch (well my way of saying no to use/wear) any diamonds, gold or silver. I chose my beloved accesories from Zaara and Caroline’s instead. Then I opt on using bangles instead of bracelet. I’ve a lovely fatpack of bangles from Artilleri; Brazil Bracelet which I don’t think I haven’t put them in my blog yet. (Hmm may be I did). The name said bracelet but it does look like bangles to me. I choose Blue/Blueberry/Green; a nice combination that compliment with my dress.

Then I search high and low around SL for a nice sunglasses. I have a pair but the lense didn’t what I thought I would like with this dress. I tryied to browse through from few blogs just to get the look of the sunglasses. Then I saw a lovely sunglasses with a lovely frames. It’s from Elysion Optic. I found the lm and went straight to the shop. It’s good thing that they provide demo so I know if it suit me well. Well after few test with other shops, I went back there and bought this lovely pair. What I love about it that I can resize, rearrange (from wearing normaly to wear it on your head), changing lense colour and changing the opacity. I choose Cyan for my lense with 50% opacity instead of  the normal black aviator sunglasses look. The price is a bit cheep if compared to other brands with the same functionality.

At first I was thinking on wearing hat, so I went to ICoN and bought Hat & Bangle (Green/Brown). Well it was sold in set of two colours. I did wear the hat but I ditch later. I tried to wear the bangles just to have a look on it. I love it.

I’m not a handbag/clutch girl, I was thinking on going for picnic but at the end I ditch the picnic basket and wore this beg instead. I haven’t worn it for the longest time. It’s an Armidi Gisaci bag.

polaroid-090428-bangle polaroid-090428-bag

Hmm once finished, I just need a location :) So here I am in the lovely Las Islas Republic. It just the way I picture it.

Skin : Bebae – Belina Cinna (Moss)
Eyes : Miriel – Realistic Eyes (Midnight Sun)
Hair : Slink – Scarlet Style II (Red Pack)
Nail : J’s – Pink
Pedicure : Adam N Eve – Rosetta

Dress : Elate! – Slivia (Lime)
Shoes : Truth – Aurora Heels (Citrus)
Handbag : Armidi Gisaci – Gordie Leather Bag (White)
Sunglasses : Elysion Optic – Vairocana Alfa (Marble Black)
Necklace : Caroline’s – Natural Blue Neclace
Earrings : Zaara – Melange Earring (Blue)
Bangles/Bracelets (R) : ICoN – Bangle Darkbrown
Bangeles/Bracelet (L) : Artilleri – Brazil Bracelet (Blue/Blueberry/Green)