What a buzz

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What a buzz, I’ve been so busy with my RL that I have less and less time to be in sl or post anything in my blog. I try to make time at least 1 post a week. Cross finger on that. I miss few fairs in sl well since it is not hair fair, iI think I still survive without it. Speaking of miss out, I know I miss out about Avenue Fashion Week :( I got few lovely stuff from there. Luckily I just saw their subscribo notice saying they still having some sale from Avenue Fashion Week around this weekend.

What I wear…

Skin : Lara Hurley – Anais (Eyeliner / Milky)
Lipstick : Lara Hurley – Anais Lipstick (Soft Rose)
Hair : Vanity Hair – Gathaca (Nova Black)  (Mesh)
Eyes : .ID.  – Soulful Eyes (Gray Dark)
Eyelashes : Bettlebones – Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Black)  (Mesh)
Manicure : Izzie’s – Metallic Nails  (Mesh)

Dress : Lush – Limited Mazing Dress Dress (Lemon Zest) (Mesh)    (from Avenue Fashion Week)
Boots : BAX – Prestige Boots (White Leather)

Bracelet : erratics – Owl Bracelet (Silver)

Daydream and decorate

Daydream (Click to enlarge)

Few days ago, me and my brother; Hikaru keep adding few things in one of the houses in sim where I live with my sister; Natasja. Lol yup it sound like family affair. We love the final touch up of that house. We call it our “Beach House”. I forgot to update, I got almost new pc :D well I call it almost new because I still keep some of the hardward from my old pc in here e.g. my harddisk. I’m testing out Niran Viewer to capture my picture. I did some minor ps on this picture. You can see some of my raw shots (from different angle and windlight setting) in my flickr account.

With ‘almost’ new pc, Niran, scenery and new boots. Oh I forgot to tell you that I got new boots from Miamai called Tamara High Boots. :) I have this dress sitting in my inventory for so long. Yup I know I’m guilty of buying things and forgot to wear it after that. Then I match it with the new necklace that I bought last week and hair (I can’t remember when I bought it). I feel like doing a monochrome style on me with just a hint of blue in my makeup.

Now I need to rest and daydream about other pictures that I can shot ;)

What I wear…

Skin : Lara Hurley – Anais (Blue / Milky)
Lipstick : Lara Hurley – Anais Lipstick (Cold Nude)
Hair : LaViere – Natalia (Ombre – Brown Roots)  (Mesh)
Eyes : .ID.  – Soulful Eyes (Gray Dark)
Eyelashes : Redgrave – 06 Natural
Manicure : Pixel Mode – Platinum Edition V2 (Glitter)

Dress : MONS – Long Sleeve Dress (Silver) (Mesh)                  (from past TDR)
Boots : Miamai – Tamara High Boots (Onyx Leather and Ivory Wool)  (Mesh)

Necklace : Glam Affair – Isys Statement Necklace (Black)  (Mesh)     (from Collarb88 March 2013)
Ring : [glow] Studio – Pratis Ring (Silver / Black)

Going out

Ok bye…I’m going out and enjoy the day (Click to enlarge)

Bad news, I haven’t upgrade/repair my pc. Good news, I have new hat, shoes and bag :) Somehow after changing here and there, I end up with this look. I kinda like it. The shoes and hat are from MM5 Rock. I love the pattern on the shoes. As for the hat, it comes with hud to change its texture. Now I’m ready to go out. :D

The HUD for the hat.

The HUD for the hat.

From Top-Left Clockwise : 1) Comic 2) Graffiti 3) Heart 4) Grunge

From Top-Left Clockwise : 1) Leopard 2) Owl 3) Superman

What I wear…

Skin : Lara Hurley – Anais (Natural / Milky)
Hair : Clawtooth – Cosmic Love (Dusty Black)                   **prim mod so I can wear it with this hat
Lipstick : Lara Hurley – Anais Lipstick (Nude)
Manicure : Izzie’s – French Nails

Top 1 : Erratic – Basic Long Shirt Lights (Aqua)
Top 2 : fri.day – Friday Tank (Mint)  (Mesh)
Pants : Zaara – Classic Jeans (Coffee)
Shoes : MM5 Rock! – Funny Sneakers (Graffiti)  (Mesh)

Necklace : Pididdle – My Special Treasures (Sakura Petals)     (from The Arcade March 2013)
Sunglasses : Fishy Strawberry – College Glasses
Bag : Deco – Jennifer Tote (Salmon) (Mesh)    (from The Arcade March 2013)
Hat : MM5 Rock! – Funny Faces Hat (Mesh)

Pose 1 : Pose Monster – Jojo Pose Set

Summer at the beach

At my beach house (Click to enlarge)

One place which is a must for people to go during the summer; beach. Well that was one place in my mind when I bought this outfit during Culture Shock. Yup I know the outfit was sold last month, who cares as long it looks good on me. One thing about science that I learned and still remember, black things will collect heat. Yup this dress will be hot if I stand too long under the stand, well nobody can complain it if I wear it when the sun about to set as the sky welcoming the night fall. It will be nice to stroll along the beach at night time as during the day too.


As for hair, at first I want to go with long hair but than I like something a bit tomboyish and yet still girlish, when i have something to show just flaunt it ;) Long hair might cover it up. While for shoes, nothing beat sandal, flip flop or bare feet when I want to stroll along the beach. I love to feel the sand in between my toes (cleaning it will be a differerent matter).

What I wear…

Skin : Lara Hurley – Aiko (Milky – Pink)
Hair : fri.day – Marie (Clynical Black)
Eyelashes : Mozz – Lashes (02)
Eyes : Umedama Holic – Rebirth Eyes (African Sunset)
Manicure : Rezlpsa Loc – Powder Pink Nails

Dress : Swansong – Siam Maxi (Noir)      *from Culture Shock*
Shoes : Baiastice – Maxine Wedge (Black Pyton)

Necklace : Mina Bijoux – Pearlset           *for RFL 2011*
Earrings : Caroline’s Jewelry – Athena Pearls (White)
Bracelet : Dark Mouse – 30’s Vintage Mother of Pearl
Headpiece : LaGyo – Spring Orchyds Headpiece

Pose : Agapee

Just wanna have fun :D

I just wanna have fun (Click to see the original picture, I've cropped this one)

I don’t care what people say, today I just want to have fun and be cute :D I mean superlicious cute that you might sick of me (in my own way, if you’re not..yay me for not getting people sick). Since I’m trying my best not to shop — after a series of serious shopping — I want to wear and blog at least 80% – 90% those that I have bought so far. It started with this lovely bushy curly hair which I got since the Accessories Fair from SyDS but since the issue I faced somewhere in March-April, I keep forgetting about the hair until recently *blush*. Then I tried with this high-waist mini skirt from Myth. There is nothing better for me to be cute than wearing pink :D I have cute Candy from Lara Skin with this pink gloss make up plus this off shoulder blouse from G Field which I love a lot. Please take note, I have several of them (the blouse). So you might see the repetition of the same blouse in different colours or fabric. ;)

D-Lab, 6pi sim (Click to enlarge)

Once I’m dolled up, I want to go somewhere fun that speak “I’m kid at heart” kind of fun :D So I’ve browsed all over the plurk, fashion feed and even flickr until I found a picture of D-Lab sim. Yay *jumping up and down*. Once I’ve landed, I found this donkey see-saw just not far from the landing. Double yay. It was fun. After the see-saw, I walked around the sim. You can see the whole sim is bright and colourful; appeal for kids or adult who just want to have fun.

The milk cart behind me (Click to see the original pic as I've cropped this one)

I found a store there with this cute buggy milk-cart. I want to ride it but it said I’m not the owner :(  Ok bye-bye for now. right now I want to stay home and sort my stuff and see what I can find in there ;)

What I wear…

Skin : Lara Skin – Candy (pink gloss – pale)
Hair : SyDS! – Ecce Homo/Enchant (Choco)
Tattoo Lashes : Mozz – Lashes (01)
Eyes : Umedama Holic – Frozen Eyes (Blue Poppy)
Manicure : Love Soul – Nail Color (Red)

Top : G Field – Off-Shoulder Chiffon (Plain/Pink)
Skirt : Myth – HighRise Jean Skirt (Black)
Shoes : Maitreya – Esprit (Black)

Necklace : Zaara – Balini Necklace (Multi Amber)
Bangles : YS & YS – Simple Gloss Bangles (Corals)

Pose : Lotta

Location : D-Lap, 6-i

P/S: I don’t any photoshop except cropped them and add my name on it.