Review Policy

Mostly I blogged item that I’ve purchased myself unless it was group gift, from Just Love, Woodenhanger or Chanteq. Well Just Love & Woodenhanger are belonged to my friend; Aldina Roux, while Chanteq is belonged to me. At these moments, both of us don’t have anything new.

If you wish me to review your item, just drop me a notecard or folder. It is not that I don’t want to review other designers’ item but I’m too shy to approach any designer to request their item. If I got them, I’ll be happy to blog it 🙂 I have few things I might add :

  • I don’t blog about furniture or building or anything related to BDSM.
  • I have pale skin, clothes in white, beige, light brown or champagne might look wash off on my skin. *blush* So I might or might not blog it.
  • I love love love love Asian/Oriental skin. If you are skin designer and have this kind of skin….I love to demo your skin.
  • Previously, I stored my photos in this blog, now I store them in my flickr. I do plurk about them but my plurk timeline is private.

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